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Kemal answers the what was you intent in portraying frontline workers?

Your Body is Their Offering | 2022

Artist: Kemal Çilengir

Medium: 120 film

Dimensions: 20″ x 20″

“As soteriological language scaffolds the neoliberal project, it can also dismantle it. Althaus-Reid explains an alternative to an economy of debt by elaborating on the system of the Ayni, a land-based economy of the Quechua people that ‘subverts the master/slave dialectic present in the ‘debt economy’ of redemption and converts it into gift and mutuality.’ Any violence implicit in a doctrine of redemption ‘is here subsumed by an understanding of a relation of a celebratory nature.’ Labor can be organized on principles of reciprocity and love, rather than debt and sin. Sacrifice need not be an integral part of our governing ideology.” — Tsering Say, Forecast Journal Issue 9