Best Arts Education Tours in Los Angeles

Best Arts Education Tours in Los Angeles

The best Arts Education tours start with Education! Something we believe in very much. On July 10th, Dot Red owner, Jeremy Quant stood behind Arts For LA and other Arts advocates to keep arts education a priority in Los Angeles Unified School District, one the largest school districts in the nation, only second behind New York.

In the wake of Rory Pullens’ retirement as LAUSD’s Arts Education Branch Executive Director, arts advocates made public comment to highlight the need for continued support for arts education across the entire district, focusing on the importance of the Arts Education Branch in coordinating and delivering quality arts education for every LAUSD school and student. The board indicated that the arts continue to be a priority.

Arts Education is how Los Angeles can continue to building on the 800 Billion to U.S. Economy contributed by creative industry. It starts at the school and in the home.

Below is a video of what he and other Arts Advocates had to say.

Jeremy Quant at LAUSD Board Meeting