Future Memory

February 1-22, 2024


Memory, far from being a static repository of events, is a personal and evolving narrative of reality, uniquely woven by the emotions, biases, and perspectives developed by the individual, becoming a testament to the subjectivity of human experience and the way we interpret the world around us. 

When facing the advent of Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) we can begin to question and study the growing connection between technology and memory. This convergence invites active study and participation in memory creation and empowers us to shape our narratives. Artists are using AR and AI to bring their imaginations to life and craft immersive experiences that challenge the presupposition of reality, allowing them to shape new frontiers in the realms of memories. Future Memory explores how technology extends an individual’s ability to shape truth, allowing communal experiences in future building within the blurring of past, present, and the yet-to-come. 

Amidst the challenges of resource scarcity, ecology, and climate change, AI and AR artists bear a profound responsibility. This exhibition acknowledges the weight of these issues while providing a retreat from the pressure, prioritizing rest, self-care, and play; and highlighting the importance of collective responsibility while fostering a sense of community. This reminds us that survival requires not just action but also self preservation. How can we build a future where happiness and leisure become sustainable resources? From imaginative and dreamy worlds, to transgressive expressions that often resemble aggressive forms of liberation, freedom and release (like smashing things against the wall), Future Memory explores the infinite expressions of Black Joy through an interdisciplinary representation that integrates the work of Black artists. Through  painting, sculpture, photography, installation and tech art, the exhibition’s artists move beyond expectations to show their own unique portrayal of the place of joy in their personal future building and memories.

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Our panelists include Dr. Joy Simmons (esteemed art collector and philanthropist), Tom McLeod (serial entrepreneur and founder of Arkive), and Jeremy Quant (CEO of Dot Red). Moderated by Sarah Wendell Sherrill (SVP at Christies).
Art showcasing by Knowledge Bennett (@knowledge_bennett), Sharon Barnes (@sharonbarnes4702), Autumn Breon (@autumnbreon), Nikolas Soren Goodich (@luminous_public_artist), Bart Cooper (@b_art1), and others.
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Exhibition Artworks & Audio Narration

Bart Cooper DNA Selflove Future Memory Dot Red
Bart Cooper
56 inches diameter | Future Memory | Art, Tech, and Assets