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Our service for artists fills a significant void in the art world. We are dedicated to promoting and selling artwork while fostering engaging conversations about contemporary art. By providing a platform that supports artists, we help to elevate and showcase artist's work to a broader audience.

Founder Jeremy Quant has assembled a truly engaging team dedicated to supporting and helping artists. Their collective expertise and passion for contemporary art create an environment where artists can thrive and gain the exposure they deserve.









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FAQ for Exhibiting Artwork and Sales

The artist will submit a form to be included on the website.  Our curatorial team will decide whether your work fits before the offering of the services.

The artwork will be exhibited from the start date to the end date specified in the agreement. The exact dates will be provided separately.

The artwork will be available for online purchase starting on the date specified in the agreement.

The artist must deliver the artwork files to the consignee within one week of signing the agreement.

Yes, the artwork will be exclusive to Dot Red. It cannot be displayed on any other website or social media platform without crediting the Dot Red. However, the artist may show the artwork on their own website without referencing Dot Red’s involvement.

The artist will collaborate with the consignee’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.) to promote the artwork. Artist and artwork may also be promoted to publications, new wires, television, etc.  Documentation of the artwork will be provided, and all promotional materials will be shared with the artist.

The consignee may sell the artwork individually or as a collection. Dot Red will retain a specified percentage of the sale price, while the artist will receive the remaining percentage. Payment will be remitted to the artist within 14 days of receiving funds from the sale.

All sales will involve both Dot Red and the artist, and collectors will sign the artist’s Bill of Sale for all transactions. Funds will be received within two weeks after collectors sign the necessary paperwork.

The consignment period is month-to-month with a minimum duration of three months. Either party can terminate the agreement with a 30-day written notice.

Yes, for commissions procured by the consignee, any related costs (graphic design, fabrication, storage, artist travel expenses, installation services, etc.) will be outlined in the commission contracts and accounted for before determining the final split.

If the artist sells the artwork directly to a collector not connected to the Dot Red, the sale is not subject to the consignee’s split. The artist must prove the collector’s connection through communication records (email or text).


Have Additional Questions?

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