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Luminous Mysteries / Human Symmetries / Ground Three | 2023

Artist: Nikolas Soren Goodich
Medium: Kiln-fired glass paint on tempered glass and acrylic on plexiglass in open two-sided aluminum frame embedded with LED lights and transformer and pedestal base
Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 4 inches

Created for either interior or exterior installation this is one of a series of five works. The kiln fired glass panels and the plexiglass panels were both made by the artist in Germany at Glasmalerei Peters Studios and the frames, of the artists own design, were fabricated by Design Communications LTD. in Florida. Two sets of gender fluid symbolic profile portraits are presented within an abstract space filled with organic forms, illuminated fractal, arterial textures and patterns. These all result from the artists unique hand mono-printing techniques. The presentation of two-sided, mirrored, symmetries and asymmetries of gender fluid profile portraits point to the necessity for everyone to choose to know ourselves, to really see one another, and to choose to do the hard work to heal from personal and social trauma.

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