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Meka Tone Describes her process of approaching the article along with her own practice.

The Resonance of Stone | 2022

Artist: Meka Tome

Medium: 35mm film

Dimensions: 16″ x 20″

“What Native People have known through time and the stories of their ancestors, scientists are now confirming: the Earth is alive, breathing, listening, and responding. Rock has a voice. Water has a voice. All creatures visible and hidden have their own language if we knew how to listen. The resonance of the world we inhabit is being held by indigenous knowledge and supported by traditional science. Sister Superior is alive. Bears Ears is alive. Rainbow Bridge is alive. Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah is a community of resonant stone-beings if we allow ourselves to imagine the world differently. And if we imagine the world differently, how can our relationship to the Earth not shift?” — Terry Tempest Williams, Forecast Journal Issue 9