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Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023

As the countdown to Miami Art Week 2023 begins, the city is abuzz with excitement, gearing up to host an array of satellite art fairs that promise to enrich the cultural tapestry of this globally acclaimed event. From emerging talents to established masters, these fairs serve as dynamic platforms where art enthusiasts and collectors alike can immerse themselves in a diverse range of contemporary and visual masterpieces. 

Dot Red is thrilled to present an insider’s guide to some of the must-visit programming  that will enliven Miami Art Week, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who embark on this artistic journey.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

Art Basel Miami

According to the 2023 Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report, the United States art market continues to be the largest single art market in the world, with 45% of the global art market in the former year. For this reason, the Miami beach version of Art Basel continues to be the largest event happening each year during Miami Art Week.

 Surely the biggest event of the week, Art Basel Miami Beach stands as the premier art show for modern and contemporary art, attracting galleries, artists, and collectors from around the globe. The event unfolds at the Miami Beach Convention Center, a sprawling venue transformed into a showcase of artistic innovation.

With more than 250 exhibiting galleries and a very interesting programming for collectors and art enthusiasts, this year’s Conversation Program for Miami Beach will be focused on the role of the Florida region and most specifically Miami as a pivotal hub between the US and Latin America + the Caribbean. These conversations aim to celebrate Afro-Latino, Latinx, and feminist artists and “to shine a light on some of the histories and personal memories that have not been recorded in the continents’ official archives” (Emily Butler for Art Basel, 2023).

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Fine Arts (John Russell:Vanderbilt University).
Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
Guadalupe Maravilla, 2021. Photo by Steve Benisty

Featuring artists such as Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Guadalupe Maravilla, curators such as Estrellita B. Brodsky and other incredible art personalities like Crystal Williams, President of the Rhode Island School of Design and Franklin Sirmans, Director of Pérez Art Museum Miami, and many others, these conversations will open insight about the growing art market in Latinx countries, the importance of highlighting Latinx and Afro-Latinx history in art and empowerment through culture and art. See the full list of conversations here.

You can purchase tickets to Art Basel Miami 2023 depending on the experience you want to live here.

Art Miami + CONTEXT Art Miami

Next on our list is Art Miami, the longest running art fair in the city, and the second most attended fair globally. Celebrating its 32nd year at One Herald Plaza in Downtown Miami, Art Miami remains a beacon of international contemporary and modern art. Art Miami, along with CONTEXT Art Miami, which is in its 11th edition, offer a curated platform for collectors to discover fresh works in today’s dynamic art market.

This year’s edition will include special exhibitions and projects, featuring dynamic exhibitions, new media work, and innovative developments of contemporary sculpture. These will be exhibited throughout the fair as well as the surrounding public space and will feature artists such as:

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

Donna Isham (Los Angeles, California) presented by Coagula Curatorial. Renowned for blending abstract and figurative art, Isham draws inspiration from her surroundings, infusing her work with profound emotion. Her installation, “Alchemy,” blends Tang dynasty alchemy with a rich palette mirroring elements like mercury. Isham’s abstract components resonate with human connections, creating a transcendent experience where art, music, and technology converge, transforming materials into emotional landscapes.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

“Dream Portal” by Mary Lai, a Korean American artist, is an AR sculpture that will be presented during Art Miami by Lurie Gallery.  With over 20 years in the creative industry, the artist believes art is a universal language. Her vibrant contemporary works blend physical and digital art, challenging traditional perceptions and aiming to evoke emotions in all viewer.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

Kike Arnal (Chocó, Colombia) presented by Nicolas Auvray Gallery. This special project features a photo series capturing the endurance of Afro-Colombians in the historically rich yet isolated region. The portraits depict the ongoing tradition of gold mining, echoing practices from centuries ago. Arnal’s work, spanning from 2009 to 2012, sheds light on the resilience of Chocó’s inhabitants. As an accomplished photographer and videographer, Arnal’s impactful storytelling has been featured globally, addressing diverse subjects such as poverty, indigenous rituals, and transgender culture.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

“CONNECTION” by Charly Silva (Colombia) is an interactive sculpture presented by Color Senses Project that will be featured at Context Art Miami. The sculpture symbolizes unity between people, the metal installation serves both as conceptual art and a functional space for activities like reading and meditation. Silva, a Mechanical Engineer turned artist shows his unique pop art style, blending characters, nature, and emotions which has earned him recognition in Miami’s art scene, with a public sculpture in Facelli Park.

More information on special exhibitions and projects is available at the fair’s site. 

Additionally to Context, Art Miami will also be hosting Aqua Art Fair, a premier venue for art enthusiasts to discover and acquire works by young, emerging, and mid-career artists. The fair is known for its distinctive, relaxed yet energetic vibe and features respected international galleries showcasing fresh artists in intimate exhibition rooms connected to a beautiful South Beach hotel courtyard. It provides a dynamic and inviting space for art lovers to explore and purchase pieces from promising talents.

Visit Art Miami’s website for additional information about exhibitions and tickets!

Untitled Art Fair

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

Untitled Art, an annual highlight on the sands of Miami Beach, stands as a premier independent art fair with a mission to nurture the broader art ecosystem. With a collaborative and inclusive approach, the fair showcases carefully curated participants, including galleries beyond traditional art hubs. Untitled Art actively supports emerging artists through its innovative Nest sector, breaking down barriers to entry. 

Pioneering the online art fair realm, the event invests in technology to democratize art collecting and amplifies under-represented voices. Committed to sustainability, the fair collaborates with the City of Miami Beach for a zero-impact presentation. Untitled Art 2023, coinciding with Miami Art Week from December 6 to December 10, promises an enriching experience alongside Art Basel Miami Beach. 

This year’s programming features interesting conversations for collectors and art enthusiasts on art in the digital age, gender equality in the art world and changing in current collecting models. Below are some of the conversations we will surely be attending:

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
Manfred Mohr Zeichnung C (1967). Hand drawing on paper. 19.7 x 23.6 in : 50 x 60 cm.

Exhibitor Panel: Curating in the Digital Age – Steven Sacks of bitforms in conversation with exhibiting artist Manfred Mohr. 6 Dec, 4:30–5:15pm

As part of the fair’s theme for this year, “Curating in the Digital Age,” Steven Sacks, owner of bitforms gallery, will converse with artist Manfred Mohr. Known for his pioneering work in software-based art, Mohr uses algorithms to explore rational aesthetics and computer-generated geometry. The discussion includes a Special Project featuring Mohr’s Early Plotter Drawings, offering insights into his innovative work. The conversation promises to delve into the intersection of art and technology, highlighting Mohr’s groundbreaking contributions and Sacks’ visionary approach to media art curation.

Panel: Changes to Collecting Models. Hosted by the Sotheby’s Institute

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
Amanda uribe, Photo by LatchKey Gallery
Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
Iliya Fridman, Photo by Adam Schrader:UPI

The art world has undergone significant transformations in recent years, with new models disrupting traditional dynamics in how art is shown, shared, and sold. Moderated by Klaudia Ofwona Draber, this insightful discussion features Amanda Uribe, Founder of LatchKey Gallery, and Iliya Fridman, Founder of Fridman Gallery.

Panel: Forging New Paths in an Evolving Art World. Presented and moderated by Untitled Art Young Ambassador Maria Vogel

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

In the ever-evolving art industry, Hannah Gottlieb-Graham, Jordan Huelskamp, Charlie Jarvis, and Maria Vogel stand out as notable figures who have carved unique paths in navigating the complexities of the art world independently. 

Charlie Jarvis, the Founder and CEO of Fairchain, has earned recognition as a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree for her work in developing a tech platform that prioritizes connected ownership for artists. Hannah Gottlieb-Graham, the Founder of ALMA Communications, boasts a distinctive approach to PR at the intersection of contemporary art and social change. Her humanistic emphasis on collaboration earned her The PR Net’s ‘Next Gen’ Award in 2023. Jordan Huelskamp, the Founder of Salon and Artsy’s Curatorial Lead, is on a mission to bring accessibility to the art world through technology, applying Web 3 principles to fine art investment. Meanwhile, Maria Vogel, Founder of Rococo, contributes to top art publications, emphasizing storytelling and interconnectedness in the industry. 

These speakers collectively will offer diverse perspectives and insights, playing pivotal roles in shaping the dynamic landscape of the art world.

For more information on this year’s programming and tickets, visit the Untitled Art Fair website.

Scope Art Show

This week awaits the arrival of the 21st edition of Scope Miami Beach, setting the stage at its bespoke pavilion along the famed Ocean Drive and 8th Street. With over 110 diverse contemporary exhibitors, Scope positions itself as a crucial contributor to the cultural landscape, embracing emerging talents and established masters alike.

Originally known as the Scope Foundation, this art show has earned its place as the premier showcase for emerging international contemporary art and creative programming, with over 90 shows spanning more than two decades across Miami, New York, and Basel, Switzerland. Boasting cumulative sales in the billions and attendance in the millions, Scope is a recognized global influencer.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red
New Contemporary Installation, 2021 | Courtesy Saype

At the heart of Scope’s commitment is its flagship program, The New Contemporary. Positioned in an expanded atrium, this program goes beyond traditional art displays, incorporating large-scale installations, talk series, music, and performances throughout the day. This year, The New Contemporary delves into the theme of “Artifacts of Experience,” exploring how art serves as a conduit for capturing and expressing human experiences, emotions, and memories.

SCOPE actively involves attendees in shaping the creative vision of the art show. Curated galleries feature large-scale installations, iconic artwork, talk series opportunities, and museum-quality performances, creating an interactive and engaging atmosphere. The show extends beyond the traditional boundaries of an art fair, offering curatorial meet-and-greet breakfasts, collector tours, and a prestigious museum prize.

For more information on programming and tickets, visit Scope Art Show’s website


BitBasel’s Crypto Art Revolution at Miami Art Week

Since its digital art debut on December 5th, 2020, BitBasel has pioneered the ascent of Bitcoin, NFTs, and positioned Miami as the global crypto capital. Rooted in local blockchain education efforts since 2013, BitBasel empowers grassroots creators on their NFT journey in Web3.

Returning in 2023, Miami Art Week becomes the canvas for BitBasel to emphasize the significance of digital art in the contemporary creative landscape. BitBasel collaborates with Let’s Disrupt Digital, Women of Web3 UN, and visionary partners for a special edition of “When Worlds Collide” on December 7th during Art Basel/Miami Art Week. This four-day event blends art, education, innovation, expression, social impact, and positivity—an immersive journey where each moment becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of positive change.

Join Bit Basel for a week of innovation, inspiration, and the celebration of the ever-evolving intersection of art and technology.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

No Vacancy

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red

The 2023 edition of No Vacancy, Miami Beach, presents a unique fusion of art and hospitality across iconic Miami Beach hotels. This juried competition supports local artists, encourages critical discourse, and transforms Miami Beach hotels into temporary art destinations. Organized by the City of Miami Beach in collaboration with the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority, this juried art competition showcases 12 artists creating site-specific installations at 12 renowned hotels.

Participating artists and hotels include: Gonzalo Fuenmayor at Avalon Hotel Miami, Carlos Betancourt at The Betsy South Beach, Christina Pettersson at Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club, Samantha Modder at The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, Marco Inzerillo at Hotel Croydon Miami Beach, Leo Castañeda at Esmé Miami Beach Hotel, Liene Bosquê at Faena Hotel Miami Beach, Alette Simmons-Jiménez at International Inn on the Bay, Federico Uribe at Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach, Haiiileen (aka Aileen Quintana) at Kimpton Surfcomber Miami/South Beach, Carola Bravo at Riviera Suites South Beach, and Laura Paresky Gould at Royal Palm South Beach.

Yield to Immigrants by Carola Bravo Riviera Hotel South Beach, 318 20th Street, Miami Beach FL, 33139

As Miami Art Week 2023 unfolds, it promises not just a spectacle of art but a rich tapestry of experiences for participants. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a lifelong art enthusiast, or a first-time attendee, the fairs’ diverse and enriching programming will create a vibrant landscape. This year’s events, special exhibitions and conversations will provide a unique opportunity for collectors, artists, and galleries to explore distinctive perspectives and gain insights into the evolving art world. 

The week will be a celebration of creativity, diversity and innovation, connecting established and emerging talents, and fostering conversations that resonate with the enduring impact of artistic expression. 

Stay tuned on our social media as we share our own perspectives on the invaluable experiences that Miami Art Week 2023 has to offer.

Dot Red’s Guide to Miami Art Week 2023, Dot Red