SCOPE Miami Beach 2023

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

SCOPE Art Show unfolded its 2023 programming during Miami Art Week from December 5 to December 10, continuing its legacy as a leading force in presenting emerging contemporary art. With a history spanning over two decades, SCOPE has become synonymous with showcasing influential artists and offering cutting-edge art experiences.

Global Representation in Contemporary Art - Diverse Conversations and Cultural Representation

Gathering over 110 carefully curated contributors from 23 countries, SCOPE hosted a diverse array of talent. Notably, 70 galleries made their debut amongst approximately 60,000 attendees, underscoring SCOPE’s dedication to being a platform for exploration. The programming, centered around the theme “Artifacts of Experience,” included large-scale exhibitions, panels, activations, and performances, providing attendees with a comprehensive encounter with contemporary art.

SCOPE curated a varied selection of conversations, panels, wellness activities, and musical performances that seamlessly integrated art and technology. Key cultural figures, such as Nadya Tolokonnikova, a founding member of Pussy Riot, and artists like Connor Tingley and Jeremy Pope, featured prominently in the programming. Events ran from 10 am to midnight EST, fostering interaction, education, and understanding of the artworks.

SCOPE’s Programming and Pavilion exhibition.

SCOPE Pavilion welcomed back The New Contemporary, presenting a multidisciplinary program in the expanded Atrium. This dynamic destination featured daily programming, large-scale installations, music performances, and panel discussions during the day. Transitioning into the night, it transformed into a premium nightlife experience, complete with a world-class music program.

SCOPE Art Show featured captivating large-scale installations that added a dynamic dimension to the exhibition. Renowned artists presented their visionary works, each exploring unique themes:

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

BK Adams: Blue Collar Horse

Standing at an impressive 25 feet, Adams’ welded sculpture, Blue Collar Horse, serves as a powerful inquiry into contemporary dreams and motivations. It reflects on the historical context of manufacturing while prompting contemplation on present-day aspirations.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

Connor Tingley: DIY 

Connor Tingley, in collaboration with Curren Caples, presentED the immersive installation “DIY” at SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, exploring the interplay between culture and nature. This installation reflects Tingley’s commitment to tradition and serves as an educational framework, challenging pre-existing art frameworks and addressing contemporary issues. Based in Los Angeles, Tingley’s work delves into the fusion of tradition with the urban experience, emphasizing storytelling and community engagement.

The fair also hosted a series of engaging events and activities, including daily health and wellness programs by Alo Yoga during Morning Wellness. The Afternoon Talks on the Digital Stage featured a diverse range of discussions and events in collaboration with prestigious publications, artists, and institutions.

SCOPE’s panel discussions were thought-provoking and diverse, covering topics such as hope and change, the collaboration of digital and physical in artistic expression, the transformative nature of immersive art environments, and a live podcast episode celebrating Black creatives redefining the art world. These panel events included conversations with Nadya Tolokonnikova, Founding Member of Pussy Riot, Margot Mottaz, Curator at SuperBlue, Catherine Turp, Executive Director of Creation and Innovation at Moment Factory, Aniko Berman, a web3 artist management expert and many more.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red
Nadya Tolokonnikova, founder of Pussy Riot

Partnerships and sponsors

SCOPE expressed gratitude to sponsors and partners, including Acura, Ashley, and Stella Artois. Notable installations included Acura’s immersive gallery experience and Ashley’s collaboration with collage artist Clare Celeste.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

Douglas Hoekzema at Scope Art Show. The Scope Walls NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE

This year, SCOPE collaborated with STRAAT Museum for SCOPE Walls, featuring murals by international artists. TRiECHOES, a Traditional Japanese harp performance group, added a musical dimension to the fair, creating a holistic experience of music, wellness, and contemporary art.

SCOPE Art Show 2023 reaffirmed its position as a pivotal player in the global art scene, offering a diverse and engaging platform for artistic exploration and cultural exchange. The fair’s success was a testament to its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Dot Red Highlights

Lucy Sparrow: FELTZ

Through this immersive piece, Lucy Sparrow pays homage not only to the widespread and beloved bread product but also to the distinctive culture of New York. At the SCOPE Art Show installation, visitors were able to immerse themselves in a faithful replica of a bagel shop, featuring thirteen meticulously hand-stitched felt bagel varieties. 

The experience went beyond mere visuals, offering options to customize these felted bagels with an array of toppings, all crafted from felt as well. A fully immersive experience paying homage to New York’s culinary delicacy, FELTZ by Lucy Sparrow stands as a testament to art’s ability to celebrate everyday experiences. 

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

Morgan Sims 

Among the many artists exhibiting at Scope, Morgan Sims’ work caught our eye. Sims’ artistic journey has taken him from the west coast in Sacramento to Seattle and eventually to the Midwest before finding his creative home in Philadelphia. Widely exhibited nationally, Sims’ work has been collected both within the United States and internationally. 

Morgan Sims’ paintings are characterized by a deliberate use of minimal information, encouraging viewers to explore the interplay of imagery and suggested subjects. His creative process involves an element of chance, employing gravity and wet paint to elevate colors, silhouettes, and figures as integral components of each piece.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red
Morgan Sims. Nighthawks , Acrylic on Canvas.

Frequently focusing on musicians and pop culture icons, Sims chooses subjects he deems to have made noteworthy contributions. His artistic technique includes airbrushed backgrounds, hand-mixing paint, and the sequential application of colors from the bottom up. The dynamic movement of paint persists for several hours after the completion of each artwork.

Upon closer examination, Sims’ work unveils the physicality of paint, adorned with splatters and drips, offering a nuanced and engaging viewing experience. While requiring time for acclimation, his paintings stand as a testament to the artist’s continuous exploration of new subjects and the rich dialogues sparked by his art.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red
Morgan Sims. Nighthawks , Acrylic on Canvas.

Takahiro Koga: 

Another artist that caught our attention was Takahiro Koga, known for his philosophy of ‘NEO Wabi-Sabi’, celebrating the beauty found in both luxury and simplicity. Alongside the B-OWND gallery, he showed his work. 

He also had a collaboration with Scope with an installation called “The Way of Tea, or Chanoyu” that united hosts and guests in a ritual of sharing a bowl of tea, symbolizing harmony among individuals, craftsmanship, and society. 

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

His “Hooyoraihai” series, exploring the concept of “Hanwabisabi,” becomes a visual narrative of power and individuality. Koga’s deliberate use of studs, symbolizing the smallest units of power, transcends conventional boundaries, crystallizing remarkable figures as white gemstones within his porcelain creations.

Drawing inspiration from the eccentric helmets of Warring States warlords, the series not only pays homage to history but also serves as a source of encouragement for modern warriors navigating today’s era of upward mobility. Koga’s commitment to disseminating his work locally from Kyushu stands as a deliberate counterpoint to societal homogenization, preserving the authenticity and cultural richness of individual expressions.

SCOPE Miami Beach 2023, Dot Red

Takahiro Koga’s presence at Scope Art Fair underscored his dedication to creating art that transcends boundaries, resonating with historical significance while offering a contemporary perspective.