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  • A World Where Many Worlds Can Fit | 2022

A World Where Many Worlds Can Fit | 2022

Artist: Tyler Hubby
Medium: 35mm film
Dimensions: 16 x 20 inches

“The ontological level concerns our underlying linguistic models of reality, models which shape and give meaning to the practices we do and the way we do them. In other words, they shape us as individuals. A change in our linguistic models of reality is by no means something easy to do, since there are deeply entrenched psychic commitments from age-old institutions such as philosophy, science and politics, which rely on traditional views and their classical interpretations. However, changing the way we think, speak and act so that we and our institutions can admit the possibility of the pluriverse, seems to be a bright and life-affirming vision worth fighting for.” – Rodrigo Cáceres, Forecast Journal Issue 9


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