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Ines answers the question, can you explain why your unique craftsmanship plays a major role in your work?

Studio of Ines Katamso | 2022

Artist: Ines Katamso

Medium: Memory

Description: Ines Katamso (b.1990) is a French-Indonesian painter based in Bali. After studying art and design in France, Ines was drawn back to her homeland, where she currently works as an artist and visual designer under her studio named Atelier Seni. 

Through her artworks, Ines explores the themes of biology, microbiology and astrophysics. She is also focusing on pushing her art-making mediums to be environmentally sustainable, from her choices of materials in frames, exploring paper cutting to splicing aside from just painting. Ines’ paintings depict abstract and organic microscopic objects that are fragile but essential to our life, intentionally blown up in proportion to be larger-than-life, reminding us of the importance of these microscopic mechanisms that exist in ourselves as a unit of nature.