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  • Ecosexuality and The Sublime | 2022

Ecosexuality and The Sublime | 2022

Artist: Jack X Proctor
Medium: 600 instant film
Dimensions: 20 x 20 inches

“I didn’t always have the words for the way the earth and I loved one another. The way the leaves of trees compel me to reach out and stroke each one. The way my heart races at the sight of the ocean. The gratitude that enfolds my soul while elbow deep in the soil, grazing microbes with my fingertips. The erotic tenderness of earth’s embrace sustains me, and the cold, wet earth incites such warmth and electricity through my body in a way only a lover has done before.” — Caroline Coxe, Forecast Journal Issue 9 Image features performance by Huntrezz Janos & Sam Sharman.


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