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The End of The World | 2022

Artist: Kemal Çilengir
Medium: 120 film scan mounted on acrylic
Dimensions: 24 x 36 inches

Though the dry wind off the highlands was weakening, the bare trees were still waving their boughs. Spring had not yet come to the land, nor to the man. Fearful rumors that had spread throughout Halabja would not disappear for several days. They were still hovering over the city. Crows sometimes croaked like messengers of death. After the Iraqi troop withdrawal, the night raid instantly ceased. Do the harsh moments go away, and do the peaceful ones finally come? Does the spring sun shine down on Kurdistan? People felt happy but they were restless. The market will open the day after tomorrow, so can we taste the much-awaited lamb?

Excerpt from “The End of The World” written by Hanyong Jeong

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