Issue 10: Freedom

June 7, 2023 – June 6, 2024


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Forecast Journal is a bi-annual, tangible, limited-edition experience. This hybrid literary, art, and academic journal is uniquely wide-ranging in genre, offering readers unexpected research approaches and experimental perspectives. Visual artists develop original ideas directly responding to each piece of writing; these ideas are then produced with Forecast, an art collective utilizing exclusively analogue formats—still and motion film, writing, fine art, and performance. Our mission is to support writers and artists with continuous, unlimited resources and approaches to idea-making, in order to augur collaborative, wise futures that inspire a global public.

With Issue 10, Forecast presents a unique collection of work addressing “freedom,” as a state of mind, as a practice, as a human and more than human right, and as a site of critique and hope. We’re also curious about what Freedom means to people personally and have published writing, photography and fine art that offers a more capacious way to think about freedom in a finite world. 

“Liberatory thinking, of course, is not new. And yet new approaches to the practice of freedom are still rare, and especially relevant now after three years of global pandemic and accelerating fascist ideologies. It is my belief that this collection of imaginative encounters with freedom can provide seeds for new and embodied philosophies of liberatory thought and practice.” 

— Kythe Heller, Editor-in-Chief 

Forecast Journal is the brainchild of editor-in-chief Kythe Heller and creative director Farida Amar. It is published by Forecast Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to provide unlimited resources to independent artists, forever. Issue 10 was first released January 2023 and only exists thanks to the creative contributions of 57 writers, visual and performance artists.

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Exhibition Artworks & Audio Narration

1 FJ10 Shelley Loheed
Shelley Loheed
11" x 17" | Forecast Journal
15 FJ10 Ivan Moscovich
Ivan Moscovich
24" x 24" | Forecast Journal