Niko Sonnberger

Niko Sonnberger was born 187 days before Halley’s Comet appeared in our solar system. She is a filmmaker, writer and photographer who lives in Los Angeles by way of the Czech Republic. With over 10 years of experience directing and editing projects, her work can be found on MTV, Fuse, and Billboard. Her poetry has been published in The Cortland Review, The Idiom, The Only Magic Left is Art, Amor Fati, Basta 2011, Counterexample Poetics and The Origami Condom. Niko also has directed a number of music videos, including three videos for the LA-based “searing industrialized electronic and immensely danceable darkwave band” Bestial Mouths for their songs “Heartless,” “Earth,” and “White Eyes.” She believes in aliens and you.

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