Meghan Hedley

Raised in Southern California, influenced for 33 years amidst the landscape of the west, living two years on a horse rescue ranch in the high desert of New Mexico, and now living in North Florida, her work may be described as abstract landscape: a celebration, contemplation, and nod of gratitude to nature and the elemental cycles that both the natural world and human beings follow. She is an interdisciplinary painter and installation artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and health practitioner, integrating ancient and modern healing modalities with my art practice- the worlds of art, healing, and nature are carefully and playfully interwoven in my work. Visual meditation, numerology, spirituality, philosophy, vision work and creative exploration all find their way into my paintings and installations. She received her degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy at George Fox University (2010) and a Masters in Fine Arts in Painting at Washington State University (2013), followed by 4 years of Chinese Medicine study in Portland (2015-2019), and currently 3 additional years of graduate level Chinese Medicine study with the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture to be completed in 2024. She has shared work nationally in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, and New York, and internationally in England, Ireland, East Africa, and Italy, and is currently showing work in California, Oregon, and New Mexico.

​Her work is an inner reflection and tuning into the self, the relation of self and neighbor, and the connection to the natural world. She is intrigued by the meeting of language and landscape, as she builds her shifting and expanding visual language of expressive color and mark-making in her paintings. 

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