Art, Tech, and Assets

Welcome to “Art, Tech, and Assets,” an event where the boundaries of creativity and innovation intertwine, hosted by Dot Red and Silicon Valley Bank. In this gathering, we venture into the transformative interplay of art, technology, and finance, set against the backdrop of the iconic Hollywood sign. This showcase is not merely an exhibition but a deep dive into the evolving narrative of art as an investment, a cultural touchstone, and a beacon of technological advancement.

Our showcase features an extraordinary lineup of artists whose works embody the spirit of this convergence. Each piece is a testament to the power of artistic expression as both a visual experience and an asset of enduring value. From the layered glass paintings of Nikolas Soren Goodich, which explore identity and social justice, to Autumn Breon’s multidisciplinary works that dissect the visual vocabulary of liberation through a queer Black feminist lens, these artists push the envelope of what art can be and how it resonates within our socio-economic framework.

Knowledge Bennett’s provocative series, from “Orange is the New Black” to his introspective “Black Paintings,” invite viewers to confront and reflect upon contemporary issues and timeless themes alike. Similarly, Sharon Barnes’ evocative assemblages and installations delve into Black cultural expression and collective memory, offering a profound commentary on history and identity. Their works challenge us to see art not just as a commodity but as a living dialogue with our cultural and personal narratives.

Penda Diakité’s vibrant mixed-media collages and Bart Cooper’s dynamic acrylics merge African heritage with American culture, illustrating the rich tapestry of bicultural experiences. Meanwhile, the introspective installations by Reginald W. Armstrong and the critical examinations of representation by Aria Dean invite us to explore new dimensions of understanding in art. These artists are not just creators but catalysts for conversation and change, embodying the essence of our event’s theme: the integration of artistic brilliance with technological prowess and financial insight.

In “Art, Tech, and Assets,” we invite you to explore the symbiotic relationship between these realms. This event is more than a showcase; it’s a celebration of the vibrant dialogue between art and the world it inhabits—a dialogue that is ever-evolving, and ever-enriching. Join us as we celebrate these visionary artists and engage with the powerful intersection of their work, technology, and investment.

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