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We interviewed Alexandra Dillon at LA Art Show! She is a painter/sculptor and calls her work psychological surrealism. She paints imagined portraits on different objects, and each image reflects a unique personality. She described the process as: “My characters come to me the way a novelist’s do. They just show up and tell me who they are.”

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🎨✨ Check out “Time Terms & Tears” by Clairfoster Browne, an artist who dabbles in everything from graffiti and live painting to fine art and graphic design. 🖼️ This powerful piece reflects on the historic significance of the first Black American President, marking a pivotal moment in history.
Visit the link in our bio to listen to the full audio description and hear about this piece directly from Clairfoster. While you’re there, explore more of his incredible work and the stories behind each piece. 🎧💫
His work combines ancient motifs, geometric designs, and urban aesthetics to map his inner emotional state. From fast-paced beginnings to a reflective artistic practice influenced by fatherhood, Clairfoster’s art is a glimpse into the soul of being.
Interested in adding a unique piece to your collection? DM us for purchase inquiries! 🛒🎨
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🎨✨ “Love affair with a circulatory system” by Nikolas Soren Goodich from his Luminous Symmetries series. 🌞🌜 
Nikolas is a mixed-race artist from LA, whose explores identity, social justice, and healing, blending his personal journey with his art. In his work, he makes use of light, color, and plexiglass, among other techniques to create impactful luminous pieces, including public art installations and smaller scale artwork. 
This captivating piece explores the balance between day and night, awareness and ignorance, love and hate.
Hit the link in our bio to listen to the full audio description and hear about this piece straight from Nikolas himself. While you’re there, check out more of his amazing work and the stories behind each one. 🖼️💫
Interested in adding a masterpiece to your collection? DM us for purchase inquiries! 🛒🎨
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