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Collecting Art during a Time of Social Change

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Collecting Art during a Time of Social Change” explores the intricate connection between art, social transformation, and the evolving practices of museums, collectors, and artists. This panel delves into the pivotal role of art in activism and the expression of social struggles while underscoring the imperative of inclusivity and diversity in the art world. The panel discussion features three key individuals who will reflect on their journey and provide strategies for the next wave of socially conscious collectors.

Our panel “Collecting Art during a Time of Social Change” invites visitors to reflect on the impact of social transformation in the art world, while absorbing new methods of collecting. By exploring the evolving roles of museums, collectors, and artists, this panel encourages critical engagement with art’s capacity to reflect and shape society. Embracing diverse voices, embracing social change, and reimagining the rules that govern the art world are recognized as essential in navigating this new environment.

Dot Red, a curator of Visual Art conversations and exhibitions, advocates for diversity and inclusion within the art industry. With a focus on revolutionizing the business of art through virtual and live conversations, Dot Red emphasizes the transformative power of art and culture in emphasizing shared social values.

Our Panel:

Barbara Earl Thomas

Barbara Earl Thomas, a visual artist based in Seattle, challenges established norms through her artistic creations, which explore themes of activism, identity, and social justice. By examining her artistic processes, intentions, and community engagement, we gain valuable insights into how artists reshape the art world. We approach her work discussing her work as art of the moment or does it offer real substance to those collected and have collected in the past. Artists like her play a significant role in redefining the boundaries of art, inspiring meaningful dialogue, and encouraging critical questioning of our assumptions. Thomas is represented by Claire Oliver Gallery, NY, NY. The Illuminated Body, touring exhibit, currently on view at the Chrysler Art Museum, Norfolk, VA., will also travel to the Wichita Museum of Art and the Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, PA.

Josef Vascovitz

Josef Vascovitz, an arts advocate and activist collector, brings his expertise as a collector to the panel. With a particular focus on works from the African Diaspora and the Latinx community, Vascovitz explores how collectors respond to the shifting socio-cultural landscape and how their motivations for collecting have evolved, while still maintaining the natural motive of collecting timeless art. Many collectors have now become active supporters of artists who address social issues and seek artworks that resonate with the current spirit of the times.

John Goodwin

John Goodwin, Director of Community Philanthropy for the Portland Art Museum, will delve into the ways museums serve as platforms for fostering dialogue, challenging conventions, and amplifying underrepresented voices. Museums are redefining their collections and narratives by acquiring and displaying artworks that address crucial themes such as racial justice, climate change, gender equality, and political unrest. Portland Art Museum opens “Black Artists of Oregon” in September and will be the only West Coast venue for the November opening of “Africa Fashion.”


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The Director of Philanthropy of the Portland Art Museum and our good friend, John Goodwin (@johngpdx) shares his take on how artists should cultivate their relationships with gallerists, museum directors and curators, to open new opportunities for exhibiting their art. 
Check out “Black Artists of Oregon”, the Portland Museum’s new exhibition, featuring 50+ artists that have implemented these tips themselves,  including Penda Diakité (@thebeautifulartist), Manuel Arturo Abreu (@mabreu91 ), Jaleesa Johnston (@jaleesa31 ), Ivan Carmona (@ivancarmonarosario), Mickalene Thomas (@mickalenethomas), Chris McMurry (@chrismcmurrydotcom) and many more. 
This exhibition, curated by Intisar Abioto (@intisarabioto) explores the lineage and legacy of Black artists in Oregon and will be open from September 9th, 2023  to March 17th, 2024. 
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We had the pleasure of attending Derrick Adam’s @derrickadamsny new exhibition “Come as You Are” at Gagosian Gallery last Thursday. Adam’s art radiates Black joy and relaxation, offering a vibrant celebration of life. The artist intentionally centers celebration in his work, infusing humor, color and imagination into the narrative of the black experience✨. His art is a testament to the power of creativity and leisure and this exhibition immerses us in a world where the familiar mingles with the absurd, emphasizing the power of imagination in our lives.
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“Photography or image-based art will inevitably be the most influential art form moving forward, and the works that we’re dealing in—these small photographs from history—are the seeds of that movement.”
- Bruce Silverstein, Eponymous Gallery
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We want to thank everyone for coming out to our online exhibition, John Simmons “Photography is my Heart”. Your presence made a historic difference! If you weren’t able to make this one, you can still see the exhibition online!  The link is in the bio.
Thank you @johnsimmonsasc @bcooks2001 Family, Friends, Colleagues + 
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📽️ Really excited to have Bridget R. Cooks, Ph. D. curate our next online solo exhibition, “Photography is my Heart” by John Simmons, renowned and Emmy Award - Winning Cinematographer and Multimedia Artist. 
📌 Join us for this online exhibition Wednesday, September,  6th 2023 at 5:30 PST. Link in bio to RSVP
📸cc: @meech213 
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