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Art, Tech & Assets


“Art, Tech, and Assets,” by Dot Red in collaboration with Silicon Valley Bank, celebrates the fusion of creativity and innovation and delves into the evolving narrative of art as an investment and cultural touchstone.

Featuring works by artists such as Nikolas Soren Goodich, Autumn Breon, Knowledge Bennett, Reginald W. Armstrong, Penda Diakité, Bart Cooper, and Sharon Barnes, the exhibition presents a range of paintings, installations, and mixed media. These pieces explore themes of identity, social justice, heritage, and personal narratives.

Discover the dynamic interplay between art, technology, and finance, and join us in celebrating visionary artists and the powerful intersection of their work.

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Exhibition Artworks

Bana Penda Diakité Dot Red
48 x 24 inches | Art, Tech, and Assets


Bart Cooper DNA Selflove Future Memory Dot Red
56 inches diameter | Future Memory | Art, Tech, and Assets